Upholstery Cleaning Guide for Pet Owners!

Pets are treated as family members in most households. They are not restricted to sitting on the couches and furniture. However, with pets in the house, accidents are bound to happen. And, these accidents can ruin your valuable couches and upholstered furniture.

While you cannot always call a sofa cleaning Perth expert every time your couches look dull, it is important to keep your assets safe and durable. With pets in the house, your sofas are likely to look worn out and gloomy and that is why we have curated a few effective upholstery cleaning Perth tips for keeping your upholstered furniture spotless and fresh-smelling!

Continue reading this fabric couch cleaning Perth guide for pet owners!

Treating Pet Stains

Pet stains are challenging to remove. That is why you need to be attentive and quick when such accidents happen as cleaning a fresh stain always easier than the old and dried ones.

  • Absorb Liquid- the first step for preventing your couches from stains is absorbing liquid from the fabric. Use blotting paper or a dry towel for absorbing the liquid. Make sure you don’t rub the stain or apply any pressure as the liquid can seep deeper.
  • Spot Clean- You can consider spot cleaning the couches if the stains are of a minor level. However, if the stains are slightly severe consider taking off the upholstery and washing it separately. For upholstery stain removal Perth uses a store-bought cleaning agent and gently cleans the couches.
  • Drying- after the stains are out, make sure you air out your upholsteries. Let the upholsteries dry perfectly before you start using them again.

Deodorise Your Couches

With pets at home, couch odour problems become a common issue. Your pets love spending time on your couch, and this leaves a lingering odour that can be smelled throughout the entire house.

For handling couch odour issues you can consider a DIY upholstery deodorisation hack, which is easy and effective. Here’s what you can do:

  • Take a generous amount of baking soda and sprinkle it all over your couches. You can consider adding a few drops of essential oil to the couches if the odour problem is too disturbing for you.
  • Leave the couches overnight so the baking soda can absorb the entire odour.
  • Next day, using a vacuum cleaner thoroughly vacuum the couches, so all the particles of baking soda can be removed from the surface.
  • Check if the odour is gone!

Feel free to consult a sofa cleaning Perth expert in case your couches have a strong odour problem, and let them take care of your couches!

Hire Professional Upholstery Cleaning Perth Team!

DIY hacks can be life-saving; however, you do not need to rely on them solely. For deep cleaning of your couches, relying on the couch cleaning Perth experts is important.

The leather lounge cleaning Perth professionals are well-trained and skilled specialists who have a better know-how of the techniques, cleaning products and machinery that need to be used for deep cleaning of your couches. Furthermore, they offer quick and effective couch-cleaning services at affordable rates.

You can use DIY hacks for handling minor problems, however, make sure your couches are cleaned by the experts at least twice or thrice a year. Professional deep cleaning is not only effective in eliminating harmful allergens and stains but also helps in prolonging the lifespan of the upholstery!

Additional Tips for Keeping Your Couches Clean!

Below are a few preventive measures you should follow to keep your couches safe from pet activities:

Consider Buying a Stain Protectant

Pet accidents are quite frequent. With regular urine stains, soil stains, vomit stains and so on your upholsteries can look worn-out and unsightly. If pets are allowed to sit on the couch, you should consider investing in a stain protectant.

You can either avail of the professional fabric stain protection service or simply consider investing in an effective store-bought stain protectant. This chemical makes your upholstery spill-proof, so you can easily wipe off the mess without liquid being absorbed.

Invest in a comfy pet bed

Pets find couches and sofas comforting and that is why they love climbing on them. This happens when you don’t give your pet a separate bed for themselves. Here, when you consider investing in a comfy pet bed, your furry friends will have a place for relaxing.

This will not only help your couches remain safe and stain-free but the unnecessary hair accumulation and odour problems will also be resolved!

Trim Your Pet’s Nails

Pets have a habit of scratching couches and pillows aggressively. This can damage your upholstery causing tears and fabric weakening. For the safety of your upholstered furniture, make sure you keep the nails of your pets trimmed.

Brush Their Hair Regularly

Pets shed a lot of hair which is not a secret. Unfortunately, all the hair can be easily trapped in your couches. The hair accumulation does not only make your sofas feel unhygienic but can also lead to odour problems.

If you are tired of finding pet hair all over your house, consider brushing your pet’s hair regularly. Routine brushing helps in accumulating hair at once, and you can notice a significant decline in hair accumulation issues.

Final Words

Simply follow these cleaning tips and preventive measures for keeping your upholsteries clean and safe when you have pets at home. Use DIY hacks for upholstery cleaning and handle minor pet problems at home without any delay!

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