3 Tips for Using Wall Stickers in Your Kid’s Bedroom

One of the best ways to decorate your child’s bedroom is to update the walls. Changing the colour of the walls can have a large impact on the overall look of the bedroom. It is not to mention that it is not a very tedious task, especially when you are using a designer wallpaper. It not only looks good but is guaranteed to last for a longer time. Here are some ways you can use wallpapers to decorate a kid’s bedroom.

#1. Make Murals Out of Wall Stickers

Wall stickers in Singapore are an effective decoration for a kid’s bedroom since they are easy to install and very attractive. Wall stickers come in different sizes and have an easy peel and slap application. By combining wall stickers of various sizes, you can create a stunning mural on your kid’s bedroom wall. Think of a Safari zoo or underwater theme mural. As realistic as wall stickers are, it is easy to come up with a design that your children will surely love.

#2. Decorate the Ensuite Bathroom With Waterproof Wallpaper

Children tend to find taking a bath an ordeal. You can change your child’s mindset about bath time by updating the walls of his or her comfort room with waterproof wallpaper for the bathroom. It will not only make the bathroom look more inviting, but it will also protect the walls from mildew and mould that can make your child sick.

#3. Choose the Right Wallpaper Theme

Just like how you are careful in picking the design for your living room wallpaper, it is also important to pick the right design for your kid’s bedroom. Consider the themes your child loves. Mermaid, farmhouse, racing cars, castles, whatever theme your child loves, there is wallpaper or wall sticker decoration available in the market for that.

Whether you are anticipating a child or are ready to train your child to sleep in his or her bedroom, using wall stickers is an affordable and practical way to beautify the room. Visit Frekkles today for quality kid’s bedroom wallpaper and wall stickers.

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