Indoor movable walls – how to determine the best choice?

Moving indoor walls can bring the outside in and lead to a happier, healthier lifestyle. Full-height movable walls are also a great way to transform a space into a favorite room in the house. They also offer a more intimate connection to nature without compromising indoor comfort. We will help you choose the right retractable wall for your home with the assistance of experts.

Purpose of the walls

Large movable glass walls can make a big difference in your home’s appearance and lifestyle, whether you are looking for sliding doors or folding doors. We will be focusing on three options for creating an indoor-outdoor space – stacking, pocketing and folding.

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Configuration of the walls

It is best to avoid placing heavy furniture close to glass walls. It is important to consider the purpose of the movable wall door system before deciding on its size or placement. It is also important to consider the layout of the room, and it may affect the wall system. The best way to determine if your folding doors are best suited for indoor or outdoor use depends on the environment and performance requirements.

Threshold of the walls

For glass walls that are unprotected, weather-resistant thresholds work best. A good threshold will enhance indoor-outdoor living. However, it should also protect your home from unwanted critters, wind, rain, and debris. Any wall system used for external doors should have an overhang. Weather-resistant thresholds are recommended for wind and rain protection in cases where there is none.

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What is the material?

The best choice of material, such as glass, will depend on the climate, where it is located. Because of its low profile and durability, aluminum is great for outdoor applications in mild climates. The material has a non-conductive thermal support to reduce heat and cold transfer to the interior. Split finish colors are available for both the interior and exterior of this material. Wooden movable wall is a classic choice. This natural material is more efficient than aluminum in terms of thermal efficiency, but it will need to be maintained outdoors. Contemporary clad is available in either a square or a sculpted profile. It can be adapted to any architectural style. It also has excellent thermal efficiency to comply with higher energy codes.

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