Curtains are fabric stitched together to be hung on walls and windows, primarily to cover up the windows and to enhance the beauty of our homes. With the advancement of technology, we have seen the option of customization and the curtains did not fall behind to avail this feature as well. There are a plethora of choices available now and you can either choose or have the curtain designed according to your needs.

Types of curtains:

Before buying a curtain, you should know what the requirements of the house are and what are your expectations towards it, afterward, you can decide upon the one for you. There are a lot of different types when it comes to curtains dependent on different features, which are as follows:

  • Panels & hanging style:
  1. Single panel
  2. Double panel
  3. Valance
  4. Window treatment & tier
  5. Scarf
  6. Liner
  • Opacity:
  1. Sheer
  2. Semi-opaque
  3. Blackout
  • Attachment style
  1. Pleated
  2. Buttons
  3. pockets
  • Curtain length
  1. Puddle
  2. Floor to wall
  3. High rise
  • Curtain fabric
  1. Linen
  2. Viscose
  3. Net
  4. Cotton
  • Colors & designs


  • Curtains can be considered the veil of the eyes, just as the eyelashes are there to cover and protect our eyes, in the same manner; the curtains keep the prying gazes out of our homes. One of the most prominent features of installing curtains is that they maintain our privacy.
  • Who likes getting hit by the first rays of the sun, well maybe some people do but not most of us, curtains help us in that matter by being a third party between the rays and us hence blocking the light so that we can continue our activities? Whether it is sleeping or just having some time to ourselves.
  • Have you observed those huge curtains that are installed in the castles or cinemas or conference halls, ever wondered what their use is? We will tell you that’s because those heavy curtains help with the acoustics, curtains absorb the sound and prevent it from bouncing off the walls and creating echo. In short, it prevents noise pollution.
  • Most of the houses have attics nowadays and in the corona pandemic shutdown we all reached our creative sides and did some renovations, did you know you can turn your attic into a small in-home movie theater to complete the look with the blackout curtains. As the name suggests blackout curtains create the effect of complete darkness and help us to get a cinematic effect.
  • Curtains are also a good barrier towards pollution, it has been seen and proven that they absorb the dust, smog, and other air pollutants into their fibers and keep the room air quality better than the outside environment.
  • Heavy curtains or just curtains are also used to regulate home temperature as well. They keep the cold and warm, humid air outside our place and provide us warmth or give off a cooling effect in both summer and winter.

In short, with the various types of curtains available, we can make the right choice and get a better aesthetic, long term companion for our home

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