Recommendations for choosing the ideal floor for you home

When renovating a house, one of the main questions before starting the work is the right choice of floors according to each environment. The wide variety of models and styles, finishes, colors and shapes can make it even more difficult. With that in mind, we gathered five recommendations on how to choose your floor.

Purpose of the location

The first thing is the purpose of the location where you will install the floor. Another issue to be evaluated for a correct specification of floor types is whether the environment is indoors or outdoors. Search Google for the best flooring nearby me at affordable prices and get professional assistance by the experts.

Floor temperature

Cold floors bring a feeling of freshness. Among the types of flooring that fall into this category are ceramic, porcelain, burnt cement, hydraulic tile, and marble, granite, and resin surfaces. Warm floor types have a more constant temperature and allow less heat to pass through.

What are the different types of floors?

Porosity of the floor material

The porosity of the floor is a characteristic that is directly related to its strength. It concerns the water absorption capacity of the material. Porous ceramic materials have a water absorption level greater than 10{925691335e4235acc4fe7c5ed112c17005e3f9d073be9591c53438837f82621f}, while type three materials absorb from 0.5 to 3{925691335e4235acc4fe7c5ed112c17005e3f9d073be9591c53438837f82621f}.


It is also worth mentioning that cleaning and maintenance are also crucial aspects when choosing the floor. It is very important that cleaning and maintenance care be in accordance with the client’s routine and possibilities.

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Prefer natural material

Natural materials, such as granite and marble, have as their main advantage the aesthetic appeal of the project since most of them are considered nobler types of flooring than synthetic materials. However, the cost of these coatings is higher compared to others. To have a harmonious and beautiful look, opt for a smooth surface on the floor.


The installation of the floor depends on the type of material chosen. Some floor models allow installation by the resident himself, as is the case of self-adhesive vinyl, easily applied on the existing floor. Other models require specialized labor and can take longer to install, such as porcelain, ceramic, granite and others.

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