Experts give tips to prevent and fight pests indoors

When summer and rains arrive, the pest season also begins, which can be a great threat to health. Despite appearing to be harmless, these small insects carry viruses and bacteria. Therefore, they can transmit serious diseases. Hiring the best pest control service near you is the ultimate solution. However, you can consider some precautions.

Look at the garbage

One of the most important measures to combat these pests is in relation to garbage, as flies, ants, cockroaches and even rodents are attracted by exposed garbage. It is important to have a plastic bin in indoor. You should keep the bin closed. Outside the house, it is better to use tall garbage bins. To do this, some simple prevention measures can help us keep pests away from our homes.

Cleaning and hygiene is essential

The accumulation of dirt with food debris is a “full dish” for cockroaches, ants and rodents. We must always keep the environment clean, as well as places that can accumulate grease and food waste such as sinks, stoves, utensils and appliances.

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Must be careful with its storage

Try to store foods in clean, airtight containers or well-sealed jars. Regarding fruits, it is advisable to keep them in the fridge. Another related precaution is to avoid eating on the couch, bed or in front of the computer. The presence of debris and construction material remains can provide a good environment for scorpions. It is also worth remembering the water tank, which must be clean and well covered.

Garbage storage

As for the storage of garbage, it must always be in appropriate bags and in well-covered bins. It is important to be aware of the days of garbage collection. Because when we leave the garbage bags exposed while we wait to be collected, they could be attracting cockroaches, ants, flies and rodents to the front of your house.

With some simple preventive measures, we can avoid many inconveniences due to the presence of pests. However, if preventive measures are no longer effective to prevent pests due to a high degree of infestation, we should not hesitate to go in search of a specialized company to solve this problem with safety and guarantee of good results.

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