Tips for choosing an outsourced cleaning company

An outsourced cleaning company may be what is needed to optimize the operation of your company. Among the advantages of hiring an outsourced cleaning team, is the saving of resources and money. There are a few factors to consider. It is a decision to be taken carefully and after a detailed analysis of the hired professional.

Identify the service you need

Many managers do not analyze the type of service they need before hiring the outsourced company. Before making the decision, try to analyze what your company demands in the cleaning area. Do you need eco-friendly cleaning service only indoors, such as rooms and bathrooms? Do you need cleaning only in the external areas of the building?

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Check records and certificates

Always make sure the company has a clean record and certificates. Usually these differentials are posted on the website, along with the service description. After all, quality companies like to display their certificates on the market. The cleaning teams with the ISO 9001 Quality certification are an example of those who have good service delivery differentials. Quality services require satisfied employees after all.

Make a budget yourself

Once you know what your company really needs, it is time to check the budgets. The selection process will be much faster if you already have your budget and know how much you are willing to spend. Never make contract with an uncertified cheap company. Price cannot be the only factor evaluated when contracting.

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Opinions and reputation

Researching the opinions of previous customers can be your primary parameter in choosing. These testimonials can be found on specific review sites and forums. If possible, ask the third-party company for the name of a current customer and personally check the level of satisfaction and quality. It is also interesting to check that there will be no additional expenses.


You probably know the importance of sustainability nowadays, both for the environment and for the image that your company transmits. Therefore, another point to be observed is the environmental impact that cleaning services cause. Be sure to check that the outsourced company uses products that pose no danger to the environment and people in your business.

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