5 Signs You Should Change Your Cleaning Service

It’s a given that the cleaning service you hire should make your life easier, and help keep your home nice and clean. But what if your cleaning team don’t seem to be as focused on cleanliness as you’d like? Or perhaps they don’t arrive on time?

Whatever problem your cleaning service is giving you, it’s a problem you shouldn’t have to be dealing with.

Below are 5 signs that you should begin the search for a new cleaning service:

1. They are poor timekeepers

The whole point of a cleaning service is that they come and clean your home when it’s convenient for you, and as often as you require them to. If you find that every time you want to schedule a cleaning session, the team are unavailable, or if when they do promise to arrive by a certain time, they’re late, you should definitely try finding a company who can provide you with more flexibility in terms of timings, and higher standards of punctuality.

2. Their equipment is outdated

When you pay for the services of a cleaning company, you’re paying for them to arrive with the best equipment designed to help them clean your home to a higher standard. If you notice that the equipment they arrive with is in a state of disrepair, or looks like it came out of the last century, it could be time to hire a new cleaning team.

3. They prioritize speed over quality

While it’s great when your cleaning service completes their work quickly, it isn’t so great if you notice that they haven’t done a very thorough job. They should work at pace, but they should also take the time to ensure that every task on their list has been ticked off, and every room, space or item has been cleaned thoroughly. Some areas of your home may take longer to clean than others, and your cleaning service should be able to give you a fairly accurate description of the work entailed, and how long it will take them to complete.

4. They don’t display professionalism

While you might think it okay for a cleaning team to arrive dressed in sweatpants and baggy t-shirts, if they’re a professional cleaning company who want to be taken seriously, they should reflect that professionalism in the clothing they wear. They also aren’t your friends, they’re your cleaners, and this means being friendly without being overfamiliar, and having a deep respect for you, your home, and the things in it. Anything less than professionalism, isn’t a service you should be paying for.

5. They don’t do as you ask of them

Even if you’re happy for a cleaning service to come into your home and just start cleaning, that isn’t how it should work. You should be given ample opportunity to instruct them to clean certain spaces in your home each time they arrive, or to give any special cleaning requests according to your specific needs that day. You might get to a point in which a regular cleaning team know what you want cleaned on certain days, for example, but you should still be able to make special requests as and when appropriate.

You’re paying for your cleaning service, and as such, have every right to expect the cleaners assigned to you, to behave in a certain manner, and to have respect for you as the homeowner, at all times. Any signs such as those listed above, and don’t waste any more time putting up with it, start your search for a newer, more professional service right away!

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