Living Large In A Small Space: HDB Interior Design

Singapore homes have a unique blend of diverse influences and cultures, whether an HDB, condominium, or apartment. Getting housing is daunting with the several options available to a buyer. The preferred alternative for Singaporeans is HDBs because of their cost and loan opportunities.

Many renters and buyers take advantage of this option, with more than 80% of homes bought in Singapore consisting of public housing. However, other buyers also prefer apartments and condominiums because of their comfortability. Well, after researching, we’ve come up with the best interior designs for HDBs and the trends for 2024 to make your HDB homes better than condominiums and apartments.

Best HDB Interior Design Ideas

The Housing Development Board provides many accommodation options for Singaporeans, but some are unsuitable. These new HDB houses have less space, which makes HDB BTO interior design inspirations about creating space. For buyers who prefer built-to-order flats (BTO), you can get several HDB BTO interior designs for your homes. For instance, Swiss Interior, a top brand in Singapore, offers these types of HDB interior designs:

  1. Traditional
  2. Minimalism
  3. Scandinavian
  4. Industrial


This design is an innovation in classic European decor. The focus of this interior is to exude elegance, comfort, and luxury. It features rich and detailed designs with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The design existed in the 18th and 19th centuries when European countries were fascinated by the arts of ancient Greece and Rome.

Their amusement made them create grandiose palaces and homes with chandeliers, intricate details, and opulent furnishings. The palette often features muted colours with dominant hues like beige, ivory, and cream. The interior designs also feature several decorative elements, such as;

  • Moldings
  • Ceilings medallions
  • Cornices
  • Ornate mirrors
  • Chandeliers
  • Sconces


The main focus of minimalist designs is simplicity, clean lines, and functionality. You’ll keep your decor to the minimum and avoid clutter when implementing this design. It is about creating space and sticking to neutral colours while choosing functional and aesthetically soothing house fittings.

This interior design has many benefits, especially for new HDB homes. It can make your small HDB housing feel comfortable and open by creating a sense of spaciousness, reducing clutter, and focusing on simplicity. The design also reduces visual noise, as small spaces can feel overwhelming with much commotion.


If you’re a biophile, you’ll resonate with Scandinavian interior design HDB. This design idea has similar features to minimalism and has several wooden elements. It uses natural light to maximise its designs, so renters use sheer curtains to allow light to seep into the HDB interior design. Another significant feature is its colour palette, which plays a role in making it stand out.

The preferred option is four neutral shades with a touch of white and lighter colours to eliminate darkness. Also, a muted palette can make your 4-room HDB interior design look classy and more spacious. Finally, your interior design is incomplete without flowers. You can add flowers on the table or at the corner of a 3-room HDB interior design to give it an outdoor feel.


These designs take inspiration from early 20th-century factories. Most of the HDB interior designs follow from the vacant factories in that period. The factories were renovated into HDBs to avoid wasting such valuable space. The housing often has raw textures and open materials such as metals, wood, exposed pipes, bricks, and ducts.

The colour palette in these homes is warm and neutral, similar to traditional design styles. Some popular colours include:

  • Shades of grey
  • Black
  • Brown
  • White

In addition, you can feature accent decorations such as photographs and abstract art for a pop. Like the Scandinavian interior design, plants or flowers will give vibrancy to the space.

HBD Interior Design Trends For 2024

Several trends shaped the Singapore HDB interior designs for 2024. For instance, last year, many HDB homeowners focused more on minimalist housing design, with the flats in Singapore getting smaller daily. Also, households employ space planning to ensure they use all the available space.

Several necessary trends affect buyers’ preferences when choosing their interior designs. You should know these trends to make the right choices in 2024.

Open Concepts 

The open-concept floor plan dates back to the post-World War II period, with many families looking for informal accommodations for bonding and good times. In Singapore, it became popular in 2018 when the Ministry of National Development announced new HDB BTO interior designs with an open-concept kitchen.

The concept gives you greater flexibility in designing or renovating your home based on your lifestyle preferences. Some HDB interior designers, like Swiss Interior, adopt these concepts by combining the dining room and living areas. You can adapt it using several approaches.


Many homes with 3-room HDB interior design ideas opt for natural lighting because it brings out the full potential of the textures and colours in their apartment. Most renters looking for public housing consider this factor. Other homeowners use artificial lighting to light up their houses.

A way to balance the lighting in your home and make it aesthetically pleasing is by using curtain blinds to reduce the illumination from the outside. Curtain blinds, like wide window sills, allow enough light to enter your apartment. If you need more lighting, you can use Aztec rugs in your interior design to illuminate your home further.

Little Details

Interior designers pay attention to the details because they make a difference in the outcome of an apartment. For instance, putting handles on your cabinetry, decking out the door, installing light switches, or brightening up the bedside can make or break the theme of your interior design.

Some of the little details don’t impact the overall design on their own and require a combination of other little features to achieve the perfect interior design. Small details add importance and unity to the overall design, and if you overlook them, your interior will be incomplete.

Final Note

The interior design of your home will affect its comfortability and welcoming atmosphere. These factors depend on the unique preferences of the house owner. With several HBD interior design ideas, you can find a home that suits your needs.

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