10 Tips for Maximising Space in Condos in Singapore

Condos are small apartments. Thus, they pose the problem of space. With two to three small rooms to manage, you may need clarification about the best small condo design ideas to accommodate you and your belongings conveniently. Fortunately, there are several small condo interior design ideas to maximise your space in Singapore and make it more spacious or at least give the illusion of a larger space.

Do you need help with maximising your condo space in Singapore? Here are ten practical condo design ideas to combat space and storage issues for a more organised and optimised condo space:

If you want to maximise your condo space and keep it clean and uncluttered, we will share ten interior design ideas that help in maximising space in condos in Singapore.

Common Challenges of Small Condo Spaces in Singapore

Here are common problems you may face when living in condo apartments in Singapore:

  • Limited Floor Space:Condos offer little floor space, and if your family has a lot of belongings, it can be overwhelming.
  • Limited Storage Space:With the small space in a condo, there will be limited storage facilities.
  • Clutters:You can only expect your space to become cluttered over time due to the space constraint. This can leave your condo interior looking disorganised and messy.

Tips for Maximising Condo Spaces in Singapore

Do you need help with maximising your condo space in Singapore? Here are ten practical condo design ideas to combat space and storage issues for a more organised and optimised condo space:

1. Use Multifunctional and Collapsible Furniture

Furniture pieces are necessary in the home but take up so much space. However, you can double their functionality by getting multifunctional furniture pieces, maximising space usage. For instance, you can use platform beds with storage space in your condo bedroom design, tables with storage compartments, and a sofa that can double up as a bed at night.

Alternatively, another condominium interior design you can go for is collapsible furniture that can fold back to free up space when needed.

2. Let the Light In

Lighting has a way of making a space look bigger, so you must let in as much light as possible. You can use large vertical windows to improve lighting. With light flooding into your condo, it will not only look more spacious but will also be more breathable.

If you don’t have access to sufficient sunlight, you can substitute with artificial light sources. Think huge LED table lamps, wall lamps, and chandeliers.

3. Work with an Open Plan Layout

You can make your condo look more spacious by breaking down the walls. An open-concept layout eliminates walls, letting each room flow into the other. If you want to increase space in your home, you can use this condo living room design when renovating.

You must note that changing your home’s layout to an open one will increase renovation costs and reduce privacy. It may also decrease the house value. Thus, you must ensure it’s something you want to go for.

4. Go for Glass Partitions

An alternative small condominium interior design to an open plan layout is trading the walls for glass partitions. Replace walls and doors with glass to give an impression of openness. Your condo will look more spacious and classy.

Also, glass lets light in, creating an illusion of more space. So, glass partitions have several benefits. The only apparent downside is that this small condo design also doesn’t support privacy.

5. Brighten the Room with Light Minimalist Colours

Light or neutral colours ensure your space appears uncluttered and clean. They also reflect light, making your condo look more spacious.

So, when choosing interior designs for condos, pick those that support light colour palettes like white, off-white, and grey. Also, try to use a limited colour palette. Too many colours in a room can make it look chaotic, so keep it simple.

6. Maximise Vertical Space

Vertical space allows you to maximise your condo without overwhelming it. Use vertical full-length cabinets and cupboards to store items. Also, use vertical windows to let in more light. Make maximum use of your wall space. Other small condo design ideas include wall shelves for wine glasses, books, plants, and decor.

7. Create the Illusion of More with Large Mirrors

Using mirrors is a good condo bedroom design idea for maximising space. Mirrors can help you increase visual space by reflecting light. You can place mirrors strategically to reflect light across your room and give the impression of more space. Besides this, mirrors are aesthetically appealing and can add a layer of sophistication to your room.

8. Choose Light Furniture and Decors

Bulky furniture crams your space, which won’t work well with a small condo. It’s best to opt for minimalist condo living room ideas. Go for lighter and fewer furniture pieces. If one piece can perform the same function as two smaller ones, go for it.

Also, consider exposed legs furniture and open storage cupboards. They are lighter and take up less floor space. Such pieces make cleaning easier, ensuring your space doesn’t get cluttered.

When choosing small condo decor and ornaments, also go for less. Don’t cram your space with too many decorative items. One rule to follow is the principle of functionality when searching for small condominium decorating ideas. Always prioritise functional decors.

9. Remove False Ceilings

False ceilings are extra ceilings added to hide messy electrical wiring and patches. The ceilings in Singapore are low, so installing a false ceiling is not an excellent small condo interior design. It can make your condo apartment look tight and smaller. If you have a false ceiling, consider removing it to create more space.

10. Opt for a One-Wall Open Kitchen

Changing your kitchen layout to a one-wall kitchen can also maximise space in your condo. Your cooker, fridge, cupboard, and sink should be on one side of the wall. You can also open up the kitchen to accommodate dining. This interior design for small condos will increase functionality and maximise space.


Although condominiums may be one of the smallest apartments, you can maximise the available space using the right small condo interior design ideas for maximising space in condos in Singapore. Such condo designs include lighting, an open plan layout, multifunctional furniture, minimalist decor and colours, glass partitions, and maximising vertical space.

Run through our list of small condo decorating ideas to help you find the most suitable one to help you maximise your condo space. If you need help with your condo interior design, contact condo interior designers like Kitchenate in Singapore.

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