A 4 Step Guide to Installing Carpet Tiles in Singapore

Floorings matter more to your home than you think. They not only add to the aesthetic of your space, but certain flooring options may be more suitable to some households than others. For example, you may want to explore soft flooring in households with small children. And maybe a nice grass carpet in Singapore is great for replicating the outdoors right in the comfort of your home.

Carpet tiles are some of the most versatile and diverse flooring options you can choose. Carpet tiles are used in residential and office spaces and come in different styles and colours. Are you thinking of getting carpet tiles in Singapore? Here is a guide on how to install them correctly.

1) Calculate how much material you need to cover the whole floor. Make sure you have enough carpet tiles to cover the desired area. You can usually do this by calculating the square footage or metres of your room, and then checking the square area of each tile. Make sure to go over this calculation to make room for errors.

2) Plan your layout and design. The great thing about carpet tiles in Singapore is that you can mix and match different tiles for a unique design. Check out your carpet tiling options and create something you’re satisfied with.

3) Make sure the area is prepped for the installation of tiles. Tiles are usually laid on hard, flat surfaces. Remove any baseboards you may have for the smooth installation of carpet tiles.

4) Install the tiles according to your preference. Carpet tiles are marked on the back to indicate pile direction. You can rotate or adjust tiles to create your pattern.

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