What Is The Process of Professional Mattress Cleaning?

Like how you deserve a good sleep, your mattress also deserves some cleaning. You may not be able to see it, but your mattress might be contaminated with bacteria, allergens, pollutants and other particles that can result in various health concerns.

The good news is you can always choose mattress cleaning services in Singapore. Here are some of the most typical mattress-cleaning processes used by professionals.

  1. Steam

When you call for a mattress cleaning service, experts frequently employ steam washing as one of their cleaning methods. Hot steam may kill bacteria and viruses and is a common disinfecting method.

  1. Shampoo

Shampooing includes putting liquid on the whole mattress and brushing it afterwards. After draining most of the liquid, the mattress upholstery will be damp and dried. If you have concerns about the chemical they use, you may ask the experts. Hiring mattress cleaning services in Singapore means you get to experience knowledgeable staff.

  1. Deodorise

The foul odour surrounding your room signifies that you need professional mattress cleaning. You won’t have to worry anymore since, besides deep cleaning, experts also eliminate odours and make your mattress feel and smell brand new.

  1. Stain treatment

Sweat, grime and leftover water residues are capable of staining mattresses. As part of the mattress cleaning service, it eliminates unattractive stains, even the big ones.

  1. Vacuum or dry cleaning

The mattress is vacuumed to remove particles and grime before cleaning. Like professional sofa cleaning, it is a rather straightforward process. They make sure to vacuum every inch of your mattress. Maintaining a dry mattress extends the upholstery’s life and inhibits germs’ growth.

Are you interested in hiring mattress cleaning services in Singapore? Clean Care can help to maintain and safeguard your prized things with superior cleaning techniques and to provide you with a unique and smooth cleaning experience. Contact them today!

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