5 Reasons Wallpaper Isn’t Just For Your Grandmas House Anymore

Wallpaper design is its own distinct aesthetic genre. It’s a great way to spruce up a kid’s room or any other room in the home without putting in too much effort, especially if you want to make a visual change. You are not limited to covering a full wall or even the entire room when hanging wallpaper; instead, you may be as inventive as you want. A feature wall, also known as a focus wall, may be constructed to draw attention to a specific location or used to divide up an existing room into many functional zones. A child’s bedroom wallpaper may be utilised in many fun and interesting ways. The following are five very effective strategies:

The same wallpaper may be made to seem different by using different patterns and colours

The room seen at the top is rather enormous, and it has not just a number of partitioned off areas, but also a significant variety of furniture. This children’s room makes excellent use of the same wallpaper in a range of colours to create the illusion of a larger room. The wallpaper is also used sparingly so as not to overpower the room’s airiness and brightness. Instead, the wallpaper serves to draw the eye to certain points inside the space, most notably the last two panels. Choosing wall paper designs is important here.

Combine two contrasting wall coverings

Using two contrasting wallpapers, as in the space seen above, may result in a design that is both eye-catching and colourful. There is no effort to mute the brightness of the colours in this area. Though the wallpapers’ patterns are quite different from one another, the room comes together really well because to the consistent usage of various shades of purple and pink.

Patterned wallpaper is an option

What a really clever and easy-to-implement idea. This house shape, made from recycled wallpaper, adds a lot of charm to the space while also functioning as the room’s centre point. You may take whatever shape you choose, from animals to trees, but the idea of building a modest dwelling is very attractive to me at the moment. Choosing the wallpaper design for living room is important.

Take use of the wallpaper samples you have

Shelving covered with wallpaper samples is a quick and easy way to give a child’s room a burst of colour and design. These shelves are beautiful regardless of the wallpapers that adorn them, regardless of their colour or pattern. The examples might also be used to give new life to any tiny furniture that you have lying around the house.

Instead of hanging paintings or photos on the walls, wallpaper should be employed

Using wallpaper scraps as wall art is a great and inexpensive option to decorate the walls, especially if you already possess the wallpaper you want to use. You are not limited to utilising just one panel as in the example room; rather, you may use three or more panels that work together or are strategically placed around the area. It’s also easy to swap out if you ever become bored with the way it looks or want to try something different.

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