10 Energy Facts That Will Convince You to Go Solar

If you weren’t already convinced that solar power is the way forward for both us, and the planet, then the 10 facts below might just be enough to sway your opinion:

  1. Solar power is the most plentiful source of energy on Earth

In just one single hour, the amount of solar energy that hits the surface of the planet, is enough to power the annual energy needs of just about everyone on this planet; crazy, or what? A mere 20 days of sunshine, can create the same energy as all of the coal, oil and natural gas on the planet, combined.

  1. Solar is the fastest-growing source of energy

The solar industry will reach a whopping 4 million installations worldwide in 2023, making it the fastest-growing energy resource globally.

  1. Solar is the cheapest source of energy

Solar panels have dropped in price by as much as 80{5e0fddf782d9d15362b13820774cd1295c705fee3830c1e4b4125b3ed8275cb3} since 2008, while in 2016, the cost of building and installing new solar electricity generation dropped to $1.65 per watt, beating its renewable counterpart wind (at $1.66/watt) and its fossil fuel competitors.

  1. Solar panels function even without direct sunlight

Even on a cloudy day, it’s possible for a solar panel system to produce power, but the panels must be installed in an optimal position on the roof; your solar installer will see to this.

  1. Solar energy can power entire homes

Nowadays, the average solar panel system is designed to meet your daily energy requirements, and with net-metering for grid-tied systems or an energy storage battery, you can power your house whenever you need to, cleanly and renewably.

  1. It takes the average homeowner less than 10 years to break even

Sometimes referred to as a ‘solar payoff period’, once you’ve reached this point, the cost of your solar energy system will be cancelled out by your energy savings. While many factors can affect the exact point at which you achieve this, many homeowners do so within a decade.

  1. Solar systems increase the value of your home

Research has shown that homes with solar energy systems sell quicker and at a higher price than those without, and most states have property tax exemptions for solar panel systems, too.

  1. Solar energy improves environmental health

Fossil fuels are horribly harmful for the planet, and in just 3 decades, the average rooftop solar panel system can reduce pollution by a whopping 100 tons of carbon dioxide!

  1. Solar panels can be used to charge electric vehicles

Pairing an electric vehicle with a home EV charging point, not only helps you save money on gas and electricity, but means that you’re virtually eliminating your entire carbon footprint.

  • Solar panels are the quickest source of energy to set up

When compared to other ways in which energy is harvested, solar power production is pretty simple, and in as little as a day, a grid-tied system can be installed and ready to go.

The facts don’t lie! To begin reaping all the rewards of a solar energy system for your home, reach out to a local solar provider for a free consultation.



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