Decorating your home or interior is a de-stressing activity that may take your mind off of other stressful situations. The way you furnish or adorn your home reveals your taste and sense of aesthetics.

Carpets are an attractive addition to every home. They are a vital component of home décor since they provide a plush and pleasant feeling under your feet. Nobody can dispute that carpets, which are now the most expensive home décor item, were formerly used by nomads or gypsies to make a tent floor or wall tapestry.

Carpet is essentially textile flooring with the upper layer of pile traditionally composed of wool bonded to the backing. As we all know, wool is rather costly these days, thus synthetic fiber, nylon, polyester, and polypropylene are replacing wool as these pile alternatives are less expensive. Carpet is not only good at covering drab floors but it also adds warmth to your house, interior designers recommend carpets for adding more color, style, comfort to your house.

Plain carpets were formerly popular, but today vivid color fashionable carpets with various designs are making a comeback. The latest trends in carpets are as follow:


  • Minimalism has promoted simple designs, few details, neutral colors, large floor covering practical carpets, serving as a base material for furniture.


  • To preserve our nature and its element, eco-friendly materials are the better choice for this you can use recyclable materials or buy an already recycled carpet, or to promote nature go for nature-based designs.


  • This trend focuses on the vintage effect bringing back our old heritage, to go for this look you can choose faded designs or colors, choose highly designed pieces, or if you are looking for native cultural pieces go for the country designs.


  • The main function of a carpet is to give comfort to use them in areas where comfort is required go for fluffy carpets or thick tufted ones, choose natural material which keeps you warm and take colors which act have a calming effect on your mind.


You should choose the color depending on your taste and personal preference plus the style you hope to achieve in your room; the most colorful trends are as follows:

  • CHEERFUL YELLOW to bring out warmth and positivity
  • NATURAL COLORS to bring in nature and freshness
  • SOFT PINK to bring comfort and soothing
  • EMERALD, TURQUOISE to show your royal side to others
  • NAVY BLUE to bring depth with refreshes


 Experts suggest that these patterns might be the craze in the coming years:

  • WOVEN PATTERNS with designs of flowers or leaves, matching perfectly with pieces of furniture
  • GEOMETRIC PATTERNS to complement the interior design, add stability through sharp lines or softness.
  • STRIPE PATTERNS to balance and give the room a new sparkle, with bold colors for a neutral background and soothing shades to a minimalist style home setting.

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