Transforming Your Garden Into A Wellness Space

There has long been an interest in wellness when it comes to the home. Interior designers have championed the importance of feeling safe and comfortable within your living spaces, curating their designs not only around style and practicality but also the sense of well-being that they can support.

For those who are lucky enough to have a garden, the potential for wellness is even greater. The positive effects of nature have been well-researched and evidenced, with many now understanding that spending time outdoors, whether to forest bathe or simply visit a park, can improve their happiness and reduce stress.

For those designing homes, this is of great importance and has shifted modern design to more directly consider garden spaces. To show you how your own garden can better support your well-being, we have some of the most popular garden wellness designs for your next outdoor makeover.

Aromatic Design

One of the most influential factors of well-being is aroma. It is why many wellness gurus will fill their homes with candles and joss sticks, all with the purpose of making a room smell as comfortable as it feels or looks.

With a garden space, this is not only as important but also very easy to achieve. There are a number of flowers that produce wonderful aromas, many of which can easily fill an outdoor space. Some households also choose to embrace outdoor candles too, making relaxing aromas accessible all year round.

Meditation Space

Designing a garden space that is conducive to wellness means creating a practical platform within which one can relax or meditate. Some have a preference for zen retreats, those created with folding dividers or shrubs. Whereas others prefer summer houses and cabins, which offer a greater degree of privacy and comfort.

Whatever your desired space looks like, having such an area within which to escape into is important, especially for those who are working from home too, since living spaces can very easy begin to feel stressful if employment obligations take place inside.

Water Features

It is no mistake that many gardens celebrated for their tranquility have a water feature. Whether a birdbath, fountain, or pond, these simple additions to a garden space do a great deal for relaxation and aesthetic.

One of the most important ways that they can help to bring joy to a home is by welcoming wildlife. Many of those residents with ponds will discuss the benefits of watching fish and birds enjoy the space too, which can be especially important for them on hot days.

Sustainability Design

Wellness comes in a number of forms. Some will grow vegetables to improve their diet, while others collect rainwater to reduce their impact on local water supplies. These sustainable practices are championed not only for the positive carbon impact they have but also for helping individuals to feel that they are leading a more positive lifestyle.

As such, when creating your garden space, consider putting away the weed killer and spending more time curating a space that has a positive impact on both the planet and your own sense of wellbeing.


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