The Garage Is An Integral Part Of Your House To Keep Your Car Safe

Nowadays, everyone owns a car, so they must have a garage to keep it secured. The garage protects the car from rain, sun, and wind, which mainly damage a car. The garage floor must be strong enough to hold a car or be smooth so that the tires of the cars must not get hampered due to their uneven surface.

Those with their own house mostly have an enclosed garage to protect their cars. In flats or apartments, they usually provide garages that are not enclosed if there is a heavy shower or storm. Few cars may get drenched, or also, due to rough thundering, many cars’ sirens get activated, so few cars remain at stake.

There are many types of garage floors (พื้นโรงรถ, which is the term in Thai), starting from ordinary to shiny one.

  • Cement Or Regular Floors
  • Epoxy Floors
  • Tiled Floors
  • Vinyl Floors

Cement floors are easy to make and also reasonable. They last long for an extended period; it depends on how you maintain them. The surface of the cement floors can be shiny so that the cars can glide easily as it is a bit difficult to pass through the rough surface. They are easy to clean and must not keep in mind that waste must not get stored as it can make the surface dirty and slippery.

Whereas Epoxy floor looks very stylish and shiny and it also durable. If anyone doesn’t like ordinary cement floors, then they can spend a few more pennies to get this attractive floor. These floors must be dry enough; otherwise, anyone can fall on that floor. They are effortless to clean if the floor gets a deep stain, then with the help of the mop, it can be removed easily. These floors are primarily used in factories.

Tiled floors are seen in the apartments mainly as it is easy to clean and does not hold dust. It doesn’t take hours to clean it. Now the lack of maintenance or continuous pressure of the cars can lead to cracks which form an uneven surface by which you can feel the bump inside the car.

Vinyl floors have gathered lots of fame as it is easy to install and not time-consuming. The rubber sheets must be installed carefully so that it doesn’t have any gaps which can cause waterlogging, and due to this, they will loosen the glue’s strength, resulting in a great mess.

So if you are planning to make a garage try to choose the garage floors effectively so that you must not face an uphill situation soon.

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