Process Of Solar Installation

The installation of solar PV panels is mostly done on the roof as they typically have the desired specifications such as the maximum sunlight.

The solar installation in Blairstown or other areas can also be done in the ground if the installation on the roof is not desired or not applicable. There should be no object that blocks the access to the sun on the location of installation. The process of installation involves a few steps mentioned below.

  • The first step is to set up erect scaffolding for ensuring the safety during the entire installation process on the roof.
  • The second step involves the installation of solar panel mounts which is also known as the mountain system. It will support the base of the solar panels and the whole mounting structure must be tilted to make an angle between 18 to 36 degrees for maximum sunlight exposure.
  • After setting the mounts , the solar panel has to be installed on the mounting structure by tightening up all the bolts and nuts so that it stays stable.
  • The next step involves the installation of electrical wiring. MC4 connectors are used mostly as they are suited for all types of panels. Shut off the household’s electricity supply during the wiring installation to avoid any danger.
  • After the electrical wiring the solar inverter must be connected to the system which is installed near the main panel and can be indoors and outdoors according to the comfort. They should be kept in a cooler place as they are more efficient and if kept outside, keep it away from the afternoon sun.
  • The next step involves the connection of a solar battery to the solar inverter. The solar battery storage saves us from the lack of usable energy during cloudy times and it lowers the solar battery storage system cost during the installation.
  • The inverter must be connected to the consumer unit for the generation of electricity and the metre should be connected to the monitor for the amount of electricity produced by the solar panels.

There are a lot of experts who can efficiently install the solar panels at your place. Thus, for an effective and appropriate solar installation in Blairstown seek assistance from the experts nearby.

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