How To Design The Ultimate Reading Nook In Your Home

True bookworms will know the value of having a dedicated space that allows them to escape from the world and bury themselves inside a good book. Such spaces aren’t always easy to find and even a slight distraction or discomfort can lead to a nook being rendered totally useless.

To help, we’re diving into the world of interior design and sharing the fundamental qualities that make a high-quality reading nook, one that will support your reading and even encourage you to read more.


Perhaps the most important quality of a good reading nook is its comfort. Whether you choose to recline or sit upright, surround yourself with plush pillows or cosy up in a simple chair, you must feel comfortable so that you can read for long periods of time.

When putting your nook together, be sure to consider your favourite reading positions, as well as invest in a variety of options, such as blankets and cushions. While you might not want them at first, there will be times when you need to adjust yourself or feel slightly too cold, which is where the extra luxuries will help to keep you comfortable.

Comfort also comes in the form of accessibility and having certain features on hand, such as a place for a drink and a nearby stack of books for further reading.


Being pulled out of a narrative and back into the real world by a pesky housemate or neighbouring noise can be frustrating, especially if it is a common occurrence. As such, a great reading nook is defined by its removal from distractions. Some dedicated readers will even buy log cabins and summer houses, so that they can escape into the garden and read entirely in peace. Some may be fortunate enough to have an attic or basement that can be converted, giving them an ideal space that they can escape into, insulated entirely from the central home.

Where this isn’t possible, readers can conceal their nook behind dividers and doors, with discreet barriers helping to diffuse noise and keep wandering visitors at bay.


Having a comfortable spot in the kitchen is far less romantic than being able to read when surrounded by elegant furniture and towers of books. Aesthetics are important and reading nooks should complement the hobby, promoting the love of literature with elegant designs and inspiring features.

Some homeowners choose to create reading nooks inspired by their favourite stories, such as one built beneath the stairs, taking inspiration from the early life of Harry Potter.


Reading requires steady and abundant light. While some are happy to rely on artificial means, eyes are more easily strained by non-natural light sources. As such, it is beneficial for good reading nooks to have an abundant source of natural light, with windows that entirely illuminate a space for much of the day.

If you must rely on artificial lighting, especially at night, be sure to choose warmer bulbs, since these place less strain on the eyes and create a more relaxing atmosphere than cooler alternatives.

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