How to Clean a Dirty & Filthy Curtain?

Curtains add glamour, style, and character to your home’s interior décor. Aside from looking beautiful, they are also functional as they allow sunlight to be controlled and give a cozy indoor ambiance. But curtains stay looking good provided you periodically home clean them or go to professionals like by hiring Curtain Cleaning Perth services.

If you keep putting off cleaning or cleaning your hanging beauties they become extremely dirty and filthy. They not only become a cause for embarrassment but also bring in health worries. Many people escape and avoid hiring Curtain Cleaners Perth services and make the decision to complete replacement by buying new curtains. There are others who try to salvage the situation by sincere home cleaning efforts or call in Professional curtain cleaning Perth experts.

Curtain cleaning has to be done according to the fabric type and the easiest to clean are plaster. Natural fabrics needed a more effortful cleaning for satisfactory results. Knowing how often to wash is important and may be advised in the fabric care label provided by the manufacturer. Home owners too use different kitchen ingredients to clean dirty and filthy curtains. This article will focus on ways and means of cleaning dirty and filthy curtains and reviving them to a fresh original look as if serviced by Curtain Cleaning Perth experts!

Cleaning options to tackle dirty curtains

When you have dirty and filthy curtains stop avoiding cleaning them and read on to know some useful and workable methods that give good results and have your curtains look presentable, bright, and fresh smelling again.

Proper soap cleanser: The market has numerous soap cleansers that seem to provide ready cleansing remedies for cleaning including curtains. So if you consider using this, first find out your fabric type and read the label instructions before going ahead and using it. Do a small pre-test on an inconspicuous are of your curtains before using it fully. When in doubt reach out to any Curtain Cleaners Perth service expert! Cleaning can be truly successful if the cleanser is good quality and suitable for your fabric type. One must also know how much to use.

Using detergent and water: For the curtains to be kept clean, regular cleaning and care are a must. Before using a normal detergent and water, run a vacuum cleaner on the surface to remove debris and dust. Follow this by bringing curtains outside and giving them a good shake to loosen all the embedded particles. The reason for shaking outside is that it prevents dust and dirt from spreading to other household articles like carpets and upholstery.

Using bleach for white curtains: Sometimes things work very well from common ingredients and can be surprisingly easy. This method works best for white curtains and the ingredient is bleach. But since bleach disinfects and whitens it is not advisable to use it for colored curtains as while it would clean or disinfect it might cause fading that you would not want. Use this on white curtains and see the magic.

Using baking soda: Sometimes your curtains start having unpleasant odors. This may be resolved by using a simple ingredient sitting in your kitchen-baking soda. It is cheap, it is handy and easy to use and what is more, it gets rid of the smell. This has to be followed by detergent cleaning as by itself the overall cleaning could be weak. But for odors, baking soda is a good. But if your curtains are dirty beyond home effort with heavy marks and greasy patches go to Professional Curtain Cleaning Perth services for a complete cleaning and revival.

Steam cleaning curtains: Curtains that are filthy may be cleaned while hanging using a hand-held steam cleaner. This uses hot water extraction to clean away embedded debris and pollutants and the heat kills germs and also removes spots. But using a steam cleaner requires skill and practice and not doing it right could spoil the fabric. Alternatively, you may get your curtains steam cleaned by professionals who will disinfect and deodorize them.

Dry cleaning curtains:  Curtains that have become filthy and dirty should not be cleaned at home if they have heavy lining or thermal backing. Such curtains should be ideally taken for dry cleaning done by professionals who would come and take down the curtains, do a proper dry cleaning using advanced solvents, and return the laundered curtain and re-hang it.

Hand washing: Take a tub of lukewarm water to add a good quality mild detergent and use your fingers it make it soapy. Immerse curtains in this for 15 minutes. Use cool water to rinse thoroughly. Use natural sunlight. Natural fibers and lace curtains may be hand-washed.

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