Best Ways to Get Rid of Mould from Curtains

Curtains are used for livening up our homes. They hang prettily covering doors and windows keeping sunlight out. Sadly they attract dust, debris and other contaminants and start looking shabby and unsightly if not maintained well. To have your curtains look and smell good hiring professionals like Curtain Cleaning Perth services periodically is a good practice.

Among the various issues plaguing curtains, one annoying one is the growth of moulds which develop in moist warm areas like windows. Once they develop they proliferate and cause health risks and unwanted stains on your curtains. These can be safely removed and avoided by engaging any Curtain Cleaners Perth expert who not only removes it but deodorizes it to remove a musty smell.

Mould growth may also be treated at home by some easy methods. At day end whether you hire Professional curtain cleaning Perth specialists or do your own cleaning, keeping moulds off your curtains should be the top priority for the curtain’s life span and your health. Read on to find out how to tackle mould growth, that is pretty doable and effective too!

Easy tips to get mould out of your curtains

Moulds unfortunately grow on curtains and always make it a point to check your windows and curtains for any signs of mould. Curtains come in different fabrics and often require different cleaning that can range from dry cleaning to hand washing to wet cleaning. So to do it step-wise like Curtain Cleaning Perth professionals you have to follow a specific sequence to get it right.

Remove moulds with a hard brush: Begin by stepping outside and removing the maximum amount of observable mould from the surface by using a hard bristled brush. Fungi can spread easily and resettle, so brushing outside your home is a must.

Remove stains: Moulds cause stains and you can apply any commercially bought or DIY homemade cleaner to get the stain off the affected areas. Let the remover sit on the stained patches for a while. Do a small pre-test in a small area to see how safe it is to use as we don’t want to damage the fabric. If it causes a reaction, stop and call Curtain Cleaners Perth specialists to remove them.

Wash the curtains in the washing machine: Machine wash the curtains next at a low-temperature setting with a detergent, half a cup of baking soda and fabric softener on a gentle cycle. The curtains will look fresh and bright.

Air dry: Do not machine dry but dry in natural sunlight in a slightly shaded place. This disinfects and also removes germs and moulds.

Quick fixes with natural home remedies to remove moulds

There are many options that are safe and right in our homes that may be used as sprays on mouldy curtains without having to wet them completely. They are effective and natural and will do the job just as well as Professional curtain-cleaning Perth experts.

Baking soda: Baking soda is a wonderful rescuer and cleaning agent, especially around the house. They are great at getting mould off. Mix baking soda in water and spray this solution on mouldy areas. Leave for an hour and wipe off using a clean cloth. This will be effective and also remove the unpleasant smell.

Tea Tree Oil: Avoid this oil if you have dogs or cats. For a pet-free home dilute 1 per cent tea tree oil in two cups of water and spray. Leave for two hours and wipe off. It will leave a lovely fragrance apart from removing the moulds.

White vinegar: Vinegar is a potent remover of moulds and also prevents future attacks. It also removes the musty odour and should be sprayed on the curtain surface with mould growth and allowed to sit for an hour. Wipe with a cloth or napkin.

Citrus extract: Citrus extract is another handy solution to get those awful moulds off your curtains. Lime or lemon not only eliminates the mould but leaves the area filled with a fresh citrus smell. A tsp of citrus with two cups of water is enough to tackle moulds. This may be applied on pelmets, rods and hooks as well. Wipe off with a clean cloth or paper towel.

All these home efforts can be effective as long as mould growth is mild and not intense. But if you have a curtain you have not cleaned for months, then you would have a tough case where moulds would have settled in. In such cases straight away call in the experts and have these removed to avoid health issues triggering.

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