Primary recommendations to take care of home hygiene

To live healthily, you need a clean and well-kept home. Dust, insects and garbage are some of the most common problems we find in homes and that can cause damage to health. Next, we will list the main cleaning tips that you must follow to avoid the accumulation of organisms and materials that can cause illness.

Cleaning of bathrooms

The bathroom is a region that requires a lot of attention, as it can serve as a place for the growth of a large amount of bacteria since it is in this room that we do our personal hygiene and fulfill our physiological needs. The large number of bacteria to which the bathroom is exposed can pose health risks and, therefore, proper cleaning is essential, especially, the toilet seat, flushing and faucets, which are the places with the greatest risk of contamination. Another important point is to use liquid soaps, as others can be a source of proliferation of microorganisms.

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Cleaning of kitchens

In kitchens, it is important to pay attention not only to the environment, but also to utensils and garbage. With regard to the environment, it is essential that the sink is disinfected, a procedure that can be carried out with bleach. In addition, refrigerator and cabinet handles must also be cleaned. Utensils must be washed carefully so that no food remains are trapped in these objects. Food leftovers can lead to the development of pathogenic organisms, in addition to causing a bad smell. Double attention must be given to cutting boards, especially wooden ones, which favor the multiplication of bacteria, since they remain moist for a long period. Garbage must be placed in bins, which must be cleaned frequently.

Living room and bedrooms

In living rooms and bedrooms, the problem is mainly with mites, microscopic organisms that can trigger allergies. They are mainly found in mattresses, pillows, curtains, carpets and blankets. As a form of hygiene, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner and place these materials in the sun, as these attitudes help to reduce the amount of mites. It is important to be careful with light switches, remote controls, drawer handles and telephones. To do this cleaning, disinfectant products can be used.

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