Ideas for painting and decorating walls you have never seen

Are you looking for ideas for painting and decorating walls? Come with us and we will show you some amazing ideas that you have never seen. The mood of the house changes completely by adding a little color and personality to the walls. Therefore, to help you choose the best ideas for painting and decorating the walls of your house, we made this post with great affection. One last thing, always hire best wall painting service if you do not want to end up in a complete chaos.

Wall ideas with abstract shapes

The rectangular shapes and square are ideal to decorate walls. It is for those who have elegant personality and likes a clean environment, but with style and a little color. You need to draw lines and shapes with a pencil or duct tape before painting to have a base, and then fill in with the paint in the color you prefer.

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Decorate wall with photos and Polaroid

You know that collection of photos you have and you do not know what to do, or how to show people? How about creating a wall with Polaroid photos and making a giant picture frame? The cool thing about this idea is that you choose the photos you want to use, and they do not even need to be professional photos.

Paint a gradient wall

We are completely delighted with this idea. Gradient walls make the environment much more stylish and calm. Depending on the color chart you use, it can even look like the color of the sky at sunrise, but inside your house. A professional painter must know how to do it.

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Wall with white bricks

The white brick wall is undoubtedly one of our favorite ideas for painting and decorating walls. They are simple, but at the same time they are beautiful and with personality, leaving the environment with that modern touch.

Ideas of walls with trees

This  idea  of  drawing a tree on the wall enchants us is no longer new, and every time we see a  wall like this we wonder what it would be like here at home. It is a different and elegant idea. The trees symbolize hope and wisdom in us, as well as being great ways to add more life to the home.

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