How to Spotlessly Clean Your Drapes and Curtains Using These Simple Steps

A big part of home maintenance is the care and upkeep of your curtains and drapes. They are essential elements that add a dash of appeal yet also harbor hordes of pollutants, dust, and germs. So for a smart and hygienic home environment keeping them spotlessly clean is an absolute necessity. This can be done by periodically hiring Curtain Cleaning Perth service experts or through home cleaning methods.

Curtain Cleaners Perth specialists have the latest technology and methods to clean your drapes and curtains and restore their look but as a homeowner, you can do your bit to keep them in top-notch condition. Let us see how you can whip up some magic and have them look great like Professional Curtain Cleaning Perth services.

Preparation before cleaning: Remove curtain pins and hooks from drapes and curtains. Mend tears or trim loose threads if any before washing. Use a duster over the surfaces to remove dust. Use a microfiber dry cloth or feather duster and work top-down reaching all areas.

If curtains have soiled areas, dampen lightly the cloth with fabric freshener or water to help remove dust. Spot test before to see if it’s safe and doesn’t cause color to bleed. If curtains have removable linings, take them off and vacuum them.

Use a brush attachment with a handheld vacuum to gently run over the fabric. Check the colorfastness. Moisten a clean cloth with water and blot on a concealed portion. If there is no color transfer it is safe to proceed. Or else it is best to call Curtain Cleaning Perth service professionals.

Reading instructions on the label: Read the label of the curtains. You will get an idea about the cleaning method to adopt and some care suggestions.

Machine wash would imply it is safe to machine wash with suggested cycle and temperature setting options. A hand symbol would mean a gentle hand wash with mild detergent preferably in normal water. Dry cleaning means that home cleaning is not advisable but the curtains have to be professionally dry cleaned by expert Curtain Cleaners Perth. A cross-out water symbol means the drapes and curtains should not be washed and taken to Professional Curtain Cleaning Perth services. Reading the label well can help avoid fabric damage or alteration in look.

Washing machine: Before putting in the machine attend to any spots or stains using a stain remover or blend of laundry detergent and water by gently blotting the area with a clean sponge or cloth. Ensure you have removed all hooks or rings to prevent damage to the washer. Place curtains in small batches. Avoid placing other laundry with the curtains. Select a delicate cycle with cold water using a suitable mild detergent.  Avoid bleach. Choose a low spin speed to avoid wrinkles. Remove the curtains immediately. Lay them flat or hang them for air drying avoiding direct sunlight to prevent fading or shrinking. If you are unsure reach out to professional cleaners.

Hand washing method for delicate fabrics: Fill a basin or bathtub with normal water. Add some mild detergent. Pre treat curtain stains using stain remover and then immerse the curtains in the soapy water. Allow to soak and agitate gently with hands. Gentle squeeze curtains and rub to lift out grime from the fabric giving attention to densely soiled areas. Drain the water and refill basin with clean water. Rinse curtains and drapes gently by agitation. Squeeze excess water out gently once you lift them and hang on a clothesline to dry avoiding direct sun.

Dry cleaning:  Choosing professional dry cleaners for curtains is the best option. Read a few reviews before finalizing any. Inspect tears, stains, and spots before handing over to the servicemen. Also, take out hooks or rings. Once serviced, hang them before wrinkles develop. Dry cleaning involves spending but it ensures longer lasting effects. It’s ideal for delicate fabrics prone to damage and shrinkage.

Stain removal: Stains are ghastly and can be removed by using stain removers or by gently blotting out with a damp clean cloth and using water and mild detergent to clean. Rinse using water and let it dry. Always pre-test a small area before using stain remover.

Steaming and Ironing: This removes wrinkles and boosts the overall look. The iron setting should be appropriate to the fabric; the temperature should be lower for delicate and higher for heavier fabrics. For steaming check the label. Hang the curtains and hold the steamer a bit away from the fabric. Let steam work on wrinkles. Smooth out the fabric using a fabric brush or your hands. Pre-test the steam on a small area to prevent any damage. By following these carefully you will have spotless clean and bright drapes and curtains.

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