How To Make An Office Cleaner More Productive?

While it is true that maintaining office cleanliness is not one of the priorities of business owners, they should at least keep in mind that 66{5e0fddf782d9d15362b13820774cd1295c705fee3830c1e4b4125b3ed8275cb3} of employees nowadays find it more crucial than in pre-COVID-19 days. In that case, consider hiring an office cleaning service for your company in Singapore.

With their years of experience and expertise, they can help maintain your office cleanliness. Find office cleaning experts at Xpress Cleaning now! Here are the things you need to do to increase their productivity progress.

1. Make The Janitorial Closet Accessible

Your hired office cleaner in Singapore may bring some cleaning items but using yours can help increase their productivity. They no longer have to carry heavy cleaning equipment when they go to your office and can use yours instead and start the cleaning process right away.

2. Conduct Office Cleanliness Audit

An office cleanliness audit can help guarantee your office cleaning expert is meeting your expectations.  If they do not, you can advise them on what they should do and focus on as they clean your office.

3. Provide A Cleaning Checklist

You can also give your hired office cleaning service in Singapore a checklist so they will know what they should clean first and do next.

4. Designate Clear Waste/Recycling Bins

Providing designated clear waste or recycling bins to your employees will encourage them to practise proper waste management. In other words, they will think twice before they throw something away.

5. Create An Office Cleaning Schedule

Maintaining office cleanliness requires consistent office cleaning. Creating an office cleaning schedule for your company can help guarantee that.

6. Provide Sanitary Products For Employees

Doing this can help encourage office cleanliness since they have sanitary products to clean off their mess.

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