How to buy a sofa: our top recommendation for you

The sofa is an indispensable item in a home. After all, everyone needs a moment of rest in front of the television or a cozier place to receive visitors. It is why the Sheesham wood divan sofa is a must-have piece of furniture in your home. For being such an important item and with such usefulness, it is essential to know how to buy a quality product that is durable, comfortable and that meets the needs of the space and the decoration of the environment.

Look at the fabrics

Do not just get carried away by the fabric’s appearance. Good sofa needs to have firm structure and quality foam. The problem is that we cannot see these internal elements.

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Speaking of foam

The densities of the seat, backrest, arms and cushions must be different, as the fatigues are not the same. Does the seller not know how to inform this? Be suspicious.

Material quality

When the sofa is new, everything looks perfect. However, what will it look like after a year of use? Before having a headache, look for companies that offer warranty and technical assistance.


There is a trick to knowing if the sofa is comfortable specifically for you. Sit on it with your legs crossed one over the other. If you can fit into the seat without your knees sticking out, the piece has passed the test.

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Sofa for all

Are there children and pets in your home? Prefer models with washable covers. Cotton, linen and twill fabrics are the most suitable. Just remember that they must be pre-shrunk. Dark covers mask dirt better, but fade more. Light colored covers are better resistant to washing.

New or old

Are you in a doubt between renovating the old sofa and buying a new one? What rules is the quality of the structure. Ask good upholsterers for advice before disposing of an old piece of furniture. Sofas of different models in the same environment work very well. If buying an ottoman to support your feet, choose a model the same height as the sofa seat. The piece will serve to support a tray and as an extra bench, when you need it.

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